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An expert to support cross-border employment at the PL-LT border

"The most instructive thing for me was to confront a different border than the one I live on every day. Although we have similar problems, each border region is slightly different. What matters is not only the difference in legal systems or economics, but above all the history and mutual relations of societies, shaped by years of neighbourhood and coexistence. The cases that I have anaylsed were well prepared and on the spot I could count on the support of people interested in solving the problem. I could also get help from the b-solutions' team at any time."

these are the comments of Marcin Krzymuski, a Polish legal expert who provided advice to two different cases at the Lithuanian-Polish border.

His experience within the framework of b-solutions was very successful: he elaborated two detailed roadmaps to solve obstacles hindering cross-border employment in the area under analysis.


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