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b-solutions' call for information

b-solutions is a European initiative addressing border regions and is promoted by the European Commission and the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).

With the objective of improving cross-border cooperation, it looks at difficulties encountered in border regions to collaborate in various thematic areas (institutional cooperation, public services, labour market and education and European Green Deal), including obstacles faced by citizens who frequently go across the border to work or study, to see a doctor or other professionals, or simply go shopping, for a walk or a ride. In this context, b-solutions aims at:
- collecting information about obstacles to cross-border cooperation; 
- finding solutions to address these obstacles.

In this framework, AEBR has opened this call for information to people who live and work in a border region. If you have experienced difficulties in conducting activities across borders (working, going to school, commuting, setting up a business, accessing information or public services, getting reimbursed for medical costs, etc.), please inform us through this form. We will follow up on submitted cases to suggest possible solutions.

The main purpose of this call for information is to identify, collect and follow up on the challenges faced by people living in border regions. 

Please fill the application form below: 

If you represent or work for a public body or cross-border structure, click here to learn more on the b-solutions 2.0 call for proposals. 

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