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b-solutions is a technical tool that complements European cross-border cooperation in all its forms - that are many and various.

On this page, we put at disposal further resources and additional material that go beyond the initiative and that might be useful - or of inspiration - for all the professionals engaged in this field and for those interested in diving deeper into it. 


      An EU-wide professional network bringing together experts on cross-border issues. 

      Discover all the European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs) currently existing in Europe and get to

       know how they do promote cross-border cooperation.

       Exchange of experiences, information and innovation in order to promote best practices and make cooperation               easier in the framework of Interreg. 

      Stories of collaboration and cooperation from across the European Union, brought to you by the Interreg community.


       Resources by AEBR on cross-border health, youth across borders and b-solutions.

      All the most up-to-date news on European cross-border cooperation and border regions.

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