Throughout the implementation of b-solutions, the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) and the European Commission' DG REGIO managed to collect information on the state of cross-border cooperation along the internal European border and to accumulate knowledge on the legal and administrative obstacles that still pose limit to the interactions between neighbouring regions. 

The findings collected from the analysis of 90 different border obstacles have been transposed into a set of publications, whose aim is to inform stakeholders engaged in cooperation, policy makers and other relevant actors at regional, national and European level about the difficulties that citizens and local authorities face in their daily life "at the border" and to provide possible strategies and solutions to enhance cross-border cooperation. 


At this page you can find the following publications: 

  • two compendiums and one annex showcasing the obstacles and relative solutions of the 90 cases identified between 2018 and 2021; 

  • three thematic booklets containing analyses of the common obstacles and solutions in the following fields: Cross-border Public Services, Education and Employment, European Green Deal; 

  • an illustrated storytelling booklet that showcases 7 stories of border obstacles and their impact on citizens in border regions. 

Click on the images below to access the publications and enjoy a good reading! 

The second b-solutions compendium (2021)


The three thematic publications (2021)


The illustrated storytelling booklet (2021)


The first b-solutions compendium and its annex (2020)