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Share the obstacle you face: make of a specific problem a European solution!

AEBR launched the present call for proposals in the framework of the b-solutions 2.0. Solving Cross-Border Obstacles initiative with the aim to facilitate cooperation across borders.


The objective is to identify 120 cases of legal or administrative obstacles which hinder cooperation across national borders.

More precisely, the present call for proposals addresses legal and administrative obstacles which arise where interactions across borders are more difficult because of structural reasons caused by a lack of coherence of legislation applicable on the different sides of the border, different administrative procedures or a lack of legal options for cross-border interactions.

Who can apply to the b-solutions 2.0 call for proposals? 

Eligible applicants are:

- public bodies at the national, regional or local level;

- cross-border entities;

- bodies governed by public law including "public equivalent bodies". 

Applicants shall be located in an EU Member State or neighbouring EFTA or IPA country and share at least one land or maritime border with another EU Member State. Applicants located in an EU member state may also share a border with an EFTA country or an IPA country.

What are the benefits for the selected cases? 


Selected cases will receive technical assistance from legal experts who suggest potential solutions to overcome the obstacles on various thematic areas: institutional cooperation, public services, labour market and education, European Green Deal.

The report of the expert is a useful tool for local actors to move towards a possible solution.


Moreover, the evidence collected will help raise awareness on cross-border cooperation and on ways forward to promote solutions at the local, national and European level to support border regions.

How does it work? 

An expert will provide help to the selected case in defining the identified obstacles in a clear and systematic way, and propose possible solutions to them by outlining the legal framework from which to proceed in a case report.

The analysis conducted by the expert will take place in a maximum of 9 days within a period of three months following the matching of the expert with the case.


Cases are selected on a rolling basis and matched with an expert within few weeks.

The documents here below outline specfic information to participate:

Find detailed information on b-solutions on the PDF document "b-solutions 2.0 Call for Proposals" here attached:

Download the "Guidelines" by clicking on the icon.

The document will guide you step-by-step through the application process. 

Last update: 03 November 2023

Download the "FAQs" to find the answers to your questions.

These are working documents which we constantly update.

Last update: 03 November 2023

The b-solutions 2.0 call for proposals is open until resources are available.

Please fill the application form below: 

Follow the most up-to-date news on b-solutions on the platform

"Border Focal Point Network" and contact us at to receive support!

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