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Find here the documents outlining information to participate in the b-solutions 2.0 Call for proposals:

Find detailed information on b-solutions on the PDF document "b-solutions 2.0 Call for Proposals" here attached:


Download the "Guidelines 2022" by clicking on the icon.

The document will guide you step-by-step through the application process. 

Last update: 12 April 2022

Download the "FAQs 2022" to find the answers to your questions.

These are working documents which we constantly update.

Last update: 12 April 2022

The deadline of the b-solutions 2.0 call for proposals is 21 October 2022. Cases will be selected also on 13 May and 30 June 2022, so please appy as soon as possible. 

Please fill the application form below: 

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