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A challenging and interesting mission to find solutions for improving #MunicipalManagement

In the course of the 2nd call for proposals Norbert Jankai in cooperation with Gyula Ocskay and the team of the Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives (CESCI) advised the case submitted by the Arrabona EGTC (HU-SK).

Main aim was to allow the shared municipal management of machines used to maintain public spaces.

CESCI has a long experience in dealing with cross-border cooperation issues, but Mr Jankai pointed out that thanks to b-solutions they had the opportunity to even increase even their knowledge and expertise on some specific legal aspects. Here, some nice words to confirm that b-solutions is definitly also a tool that forsters mutual learning on the ground:

"The mission was challenging and interesting. We had the opportunity to get more knowledge on a specific topic and its cross-border context. Since 2016, our association has been implementing a series of projects addressing cross-border legal and administrative obstacles around Hungary. However, the issue of shared settlement management was a completely new topic for us. Our contribution was helpful since the stakeholders had no overview of the possibilities and the legal framework of moving the settlement management machines across the border. Thanks to the b-solutions support, we managed to unfold the legal conditions influencing the cross-border share of certain equipment. Our investigations focused on the Hungarian and Slovak highway codes and the every-day practice of the two national police institutions when moving the vehicles and the instruments across the border. The mandate surely enabled us to improve our methods when identifying and tackling legal obstacles of cross-border cooperation."


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