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"A chance to merge yourself in the real environment where the issue is identified"

"Undoubtedly, my participation in b-solutions has contributed to my professional development and enriched my professional experience. Very often, especially with lawyers, the problems find a theoretical solution, which, however, proves difficult to apply in practice. My participation in b-solutions allowed me to refract my thinking in such a way as to try to offer practical solutions, which are in the theoretical possibilities allowed by law".

This is what Plamen Slavov, an expert in the framework of the second call for proposals - says about his experience.

Thanks to his sound legal knowledge, he has helped the University of Ruse in Bulgaria to find solutions allowing for the implementation of cross-border Master courses!

He adds:

The role of the expert in b-solutions is a very responsible endeavor. Every expert naturally has professional knowledge and skills in their field of competence, but the collision with the case within the b-solutions framework requires much more than knowledge and skills. The expert must be able to enter the situation, to understand the problem from all possible points, to show flexibility in the interpretation and application of legislation, to make active and constructive contacts with all stakeholders. Only this way a truly working solution to the problem can be found. Live contact with the parties to the problem is also very important. It allows the expert to immerse himself in the real environment of the problem and to perceive the situation from the inside. Participating in the consultation of the specific problem in the b-solutions framework brought me a very deep understanding of the problems in the application of national legislation in cross-border initiatives. This allowed me to propose future legislative changes that would benefit society as a whole"



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