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A different perspective to support #SustainableMobility

Emilie Van de Weyer is in charge for energy and mobility matters at the Ministry of the German-speaking Community of Belgium and she kindly shared with us some words on b-solutions.

Aim of the advice case submitted was to find solutions to foster the creation of an e-bike sharing infrastructure in four Belgian municipalities, following the example of the neighbouring German town of Achen.

She says:

"It was interesting to get the view of an objective external expert on the challenges we are facing regarding the implementation of a cross-border e-bike sharing station. In the long-term b-solutions could have a positive impact on the cooperation with our neighbours and some discussions with our partners are already ongoing to determine the possibilities of a collaboration. In general, it was useful to see the challenge from a different perspective, in this way some new aspects we should consider in the future came up. It is very useful to get the view of an objective expert on your issues, as new ways of problem solving can be considered".


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