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"A fruitful experience that has enlarged my network"

Petia Tzvetanova from MOT - Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière, consulted one advice case in the framework of the 2nd call for proposals of b-solutions. Aim of the case was to find solutions allowing to strenghten cross-border cooperation in the field of healthcare and emergency services at the French-Belgian border.

Thanks to the support og Petia and her team at MOT, the applicant is now in possess of a roadmap that leads to overcome the issue.

However, the process of learning is always bi-directional in the framework of b-solutions.

Petia, indeed, confirms:

"b-solutions has been a fruitful experience that has enlarged my network and it has also widened my scope. I think that b-solutions helps local actors to, at least, make their cross-border obstacles known and to engage in discussions with the competent authorities. This initiative offers solutions that will need to be developed further. I've already suggested fellow Belgian and Spanish lawyers to take part in the next calls".


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