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A platform to promote multilingual #PrimaryEducation

Gabriele Gstettenhofer works at the Department of Pre-Schools/Kindergartens and Schools of the Lower Austrian Government.

In cooperation with her team, she succesfully implemented a Pilot Action whose aim was to identify the legal obstacles undermining multilingual primary education in the tri-border region between Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

This is what she thinks about the b-solutions' support:

"We are very grateful that we could establish a platform for common work involving the relevant actors in the respective regional bodies of Lower Austria, Burgenland, Hungary and Slovakia. We had a very valuable exchange about topics which would have not happened otherwise, despite its importance. In addition, thanks to the project, it was possible to invite specialists, to lead qualified discusions, analyse problems and to work on solutions. We established a platform which we want to keep up as an instrument of communication and exchange of ideas. Furthermore, we also gathered data on the existing cooperation across the borders. We learned which areas are of particular interest and this helped with deciding where to focus in follow-up activities. We plan to keep up this platform and have regular meetings once or twice a year. The systematic analysis of legal frameworks carried out through b-solutions helped us to focus on the most relevant issues and thereby to find paths to possible solutions. To sum it up, we can only recommend other insitutions to apply to the next b-solutions calls for proposals".

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