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A simple and user-friendly European tool to solve problems that limit cross-border #Apprenticeships

The Eurometropolis Lille-Kotrijk-Tournai EGTC is one of the the beneficiaries of the b-solutions 1st call for proposals.

Thanks to the participation into the initiative, the team of the Eurometropolis succeeded in elaborating a comparative analysis of three legal framework regulating "work-linked training" in France and in the two Belgian regions of Wallonia and Flanders and in planning the establishment of a pilot committee of competent authorities.

The path undertaken during the implementation of their Pilot Action will continue in the future, by setting up a field experiment to enhance cross-border mobility in the field of dual eduation.

Ines Mendes, project coordinator at the EGTC evaluates her experience with b-solutions positively:

"The contribution of b-solutions has provided the Eurometropolis with a simple and user-friendly European tool for cross-border collaboration in our territory. As an experimenter of European programmes, the Eurometropolis found the b-solutions system particularly easy and effective to be implemented in order to highlight cross-border difficulties and to help the co-creation of adapted solutions with a benefit. In our case, the positive impact of b-solutions was mainly felt through the support system it set up around our project. We particularly appreciated the constant, adapted and attentive follow-up of the b-solutions team during the various stages of our project. We are already recommend other organisations to take part in the next calls for proposals!"


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