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A solution to boost #IntegratedMobility at the IT-SI border

The EGTC GO at the IT-SI border is one of the ten beneficiaries selected in the course of the b-solutions' first call for proposals.

The Pilot Action implemented aimed at "moving closer" the three municipalities of Gorizia (IT); Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba (SI) by developing a cross-border network of public transport.

Monica Tortul, Communication Manager at the EGTC comments:

" Thanks to b-solutions, indeed, the project EGTC GO CB PUMP has found an alternative way to overcome the obstacles preventing the establishment of a cross-border transportation system".

This was made possible thanks to a preliminary analysis of the local mobility needs and to a frontline action of negotiation with local, regional and national transport authorities carried out by the EGTC GO in the course of the action's implementation.

The result has been a draft agreement to be signed by competent authorities and that will allow for the removal of the current obstacles and for the strenghtening of cross-border mobility.

A smooth border crossing using a public bus will become soon a real possibility!


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