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A support to the cross-border employment of non-EU nationals

Boosting labour market in border regions is already challenging, but the problems double when you deal with the employment of third-country nationals!

Thanks to b-solutions, the Euregio Rhein-Maas-Nord obtained legal support to find ways that could facilitate the cross-border employment of non-EU citizens.

Maike Hajjoubi at the Euregio comments:

"The added value of having a specialized external expert is that our ideas and researches were confirmed. The range of topics covered by the border information points (GrenzInfoPunkte) is already quite broad, including social security and taxation. But we needed specialised expertise on residence and work permit issues and someone who knew how to apply them to the cross-border environment. Many institutions know their own national regulations, but don't know how to deal with them when a cross-border aspect is added. The topic of cross-border work in our region is and remains important. Where positions cannot be filled, third country nationals can be an asset. Many logistics companies e.g. cannot find enough employees under the given conditions. Through b-solutions we were able to approach the topic systematically ".


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