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An expert to foster #MinorsMobility between Galicia and North of Portugal

In the course of the 2nd call for proposals, José Manuel Sobrino Heredia advised a case submitted by the EGTC Galicia-North of Portugal that aimed at finding solutions to the legal obstacles preventing the mobility of minors across the ES-PT border for educational, sport or other activities. His contribution offered a substantial help to the cross-border structure in dealing with overcomplicated administrative procedures and he provided a clear roadmap towards a feasable and tailor made solution.

He kindly shared with the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) some insights on his experience as a b-solutions legal expert:

"It has been a very satisfying experience. From the first moment, there was a very easy and fluid relationship with the persons in charge for the initiative. In addition, this experience was very interesting as it allowed me to carry out a study beyond the purely academic field by presenting concrete proposals aimed at improving the situation of people living in border areas. In my opinion, the greatest contribution I have made was to identify the main legal and administrative obstacles encountered by unaccompanied minors in moving from one side of the border to the other. Having identified these barriers, I have tried to seek legal and administrative solutions aimed at eliminating or reducing them. I believe that the result has been positive and that, now, the barriers will be removed, facilitating the carrying out of various cross-border activities. What impressed me the most was the willingness and even enthusiasm that I found in all the people with whom I cooperated throughout the project, both those responsible for the public administrations of the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion, and those of the Vila Nova de Cerveira - Tomiño Eurocity, and, finally, the border authorities of both countries. It has also been a very interesting experience for me to work on the ground in contact with the educators and families of the minors. Considering that the case I have advised has been a success, I believe that this should encourage other operators to participate in future calls for proposals of b-solutions".


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