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An expert to foster #TalentWithoutBorders and solve the obstacles to the obtaining of #WorkPermits

Peter Hansen is one of the experts who consulted the cases selected under the b-solutions' second call for proposals. Particularly, he advised those submitted by the Economic Board Arnhem-Nijmegen and the Euregio Rhein-Maas-North, aiming at boosting the employment and training possibilities for non-EU citizens across the NL-DE border.

This is what he says about his experience as a b-solutions expert:

"It is always a pleasure to meet colleagues from other border regions dealing with similar problems. They are typically enthusiastic, engaged and have a high motivation. My visits and meetings in two dutch-german border regions enriched my knowledge and network, too. I think that my support has helped the cases advised. As they were addressing similar issues I was able to bring them together and carry out a neutral audit. I suggest other organisations to take part in b-solutions as everybody can learn from each other and get access to more experience and knowledge. Every border region has its own specific situation and legal/administrative framework, so there is always room for fostering a process of mutual learning"


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