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b-solutions as a tool to ease the employment of #HealthcareWorkers in multinational teams

Francesc Bonet is the Director of the Hospital of Cerdanya EGTC. This healthcare structure is located at the border between France and Spain and perfectly embodies the real spirit of cross-border cooperation.

During the b-solutions' 2nd call for proposals, the hospital was granted the help of an external expert to solve legal obstacles preventing the creation of binational teams of doctors and of other healthcare professionals.

Here, the testimonial of Mr Bonet on the EGTC experience with our initiative:

"b-solutions has helped us to identify a course of action that could prove more effective than others contemplated before. Our problem, as a cross-border hospital, was to try an expedite the mutual recognition of the professional qualifications of doctors and nurses by the designated authorities in France and Spain. The positive impact of finding a permanent solution to this problem would be an indirect one; but it would certainly be perceived by the public as soon as the number of healthcare professionals of both countries working at the hospital will be bigger and the teams more stable. The external expert has provided valuable knowledge of the European legislation and resources and of solutions already applied to similar cases, as well as an overall view of the problem. His help was valuable and the very fact that b-solution is an EU backed initiative, makes it easier to get the attention of the people you need to reach out to".


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