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"b-solutions is a support that should not be missed"

The River Minho EGTC (PT-ES) received legal consultancy in the framework of the second call for proposals of b-solutions. Maria Garayo, the expert assigned to the EGTC's advice case, helped identifying a roadmap towards possible solutions so to foster the implementation of a a public transport plan for the river Minho cross-border area and enhance the connectivity among the local municipalities.

Uxío Benítez, Director the EGTC, kindly shared with us some comments on the initiative and, especially, on the added value of having the support of external experts:

"b-solutions has helped us to define an operational procedure to solve the obstacles to cooperation on our border, as well as to find the legal procedure to support the solutions, involving social agents and public authorities with powers to solve them.
Having the help of an expert on border issues, working with EU's endorsement at EGTC's request, allows to analyse problems with independent and objective criteria, putting at disposal comparative experience and knowledge of the existing regulatory mechanisms. This helps to create a climate of collaboration and a roadmap for the stakeholders, leading to further progress in cooperation if there is political will and if bureaucracy does not prevent it.
I believe that any help to solve legal and administrative problems in the field of cross-border cooperation is becoming more necessary than ever at the moment.
b-solutions is a support that should not be missed".


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