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Legal and operational solutions to boost a #CrossBorderBus4EUcitizens and the set up of #UrbanLines

Maria Garayo, a legal expert specialised in cross-border transports, consulted two cases located at the Spanish-Portuguese border. Thanks to her advices, the two successful applicants have now a clear roadmap to implement to solve the obstacles encountered while trying to set up cross-border bus lines.

Ms Garayo talks with enthusiasm about her work under b-solutions:

"My experience with the b-solutions initiative has been positive. It has allowed me to know the legal and administrative reality of the public transport of passengers in the Eurocity Chaves-Verín and Rio Minho located at the border between Galicia (Spain) and North of Portugal regions and to verify the urgent necessity of a European regulation that integrates the cross-border public transport while eliminating the current legal and administrative obstacles. A greater cooperation between local authorities would be also needed in order to manage cross-border public services. I believe that my legal support for the cross-border transport projects has really helped their promoters as I have provided them legal and operational solutions that can be implemented by the competent authorities within the legal and administrative framework for passenger transport currently in force in the two countries. As a cross-border legal advisor, this experience has allowed me to learn about a new cross-border legal, territorial and administrative reality!"


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