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#MaritimeCommuting between France and Italy: an interesting and challenging case

Michele Vellano advised a case submitted by the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce – CCINCA and elaborated solutions to make the establishment of a maritime commuting facility connecting France and Italy possible.

This case was particularily

challenging as it had to contemplate legal tools that could be extended to the territory of a non-EU country - Monaco.

This is why, we are happy to read that his experience was very enrinching and interesting. His words are also absolutely rewarding for the b-solutions team:

"It has been a great experience. The assistance from the b-solutions' team was constant, timely and effective. I had the impression of working in a cheerful and competent team. This experience increased my field expertise, putting me in touch with a complicated but also very interesting case!I think that local authorities can surely benefit from b-solutions and from the opportunity to get external and specialised legal expertise"


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