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One expert, three cases, many solutions

It is such a rewarding feeling when we know that our experts' advices are already used to implement the proposed solutions by the representative of the cases under analysis.

Martin Unfried from the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility at the Maastricht University advised three cases at the BE-NL border to find solutions fostering cross-border cooperation in the fields of employment, health-emergency services and institutional cooperation.

Upon fulfilment of the obstacles analysis, the Municipality of Woensdrecht in The Netherlands - one of the three entities consulted - has already created a working group to implement the solutions proposed by Mr Unfried.

On his experience within b-solutions:

" My experience was very positive. I had two cases where I could deliver very detailed and practical solutions and one issue where the questions was perhaps to broad (realted to the management of CO2 infrastructure in an industrial site). Here, the work had to be limited to more governance related recommendations about the process and the involved institutions to solve the question.
This experience had surely a positive impact on my professional expertise as it helped me very much to learn about the very diverse nature of problems I was analysing".


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