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Solutions to adapt #eProcurementPlatforms to the needs of cross-border actors

eGovernment is one of the eight thematic areas covered by b-solutions.

The digitalisation of services of and for public administrations, indeed, is becoming more and more necessary to ensure fast, accessible and paperless procedures. However, implementing digital services in border regions, where different languages and administrative cultures meet, can become problematic.

The EGTC GO at the Italian-Slovenian border took part in b-solutions to highlight the difficulties encountered by the local economic actors when accessing the national e-procurement platform of the neighbouring country.

Thanks to the help of an external legal expert, though, it was possible to identify a roadmap towards sustainable solutions to allow for a fairer and more inclusive participation in the digital platforms.

Tanja Curto from the EGTC comments:

"Cross-border obstacles are usually very specific and tied to the peculiarities of the territory and they can hardly be solved using the classic tools made available by the EU. They need quick and easy approaches without too many administrative and reporting constraints as they often weight on entities (especially the small ones) and make the access to European funds difficult. Being b-solutions a very targeted initiative, it was possible to proceed very quickly concerning both the administrative and implementation aspects. This allowed us to collect all the necessary information and to develop tangible results in a very short time. Thanks to the help of the legal expert who supported us, the participation of economic operators in cross-border e-tender procedures has been simplified, standardized and a non-discriminatory approach has been ensured as required by European standards".


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