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Transports, institutional cooperation and mutual learning: another "b-solutions'experience"

What does being a "b-solutions'expert" mean?

➡️It means to become a key-player to foster cross-border cooperation.

By providing advice and elaborating solutions to cross-border legal obstacles, indeed, you become essential in ensuring smooth cooperation processes between neighbouring countries. But that's not all!

➡️b-solutions allows you also to increase your skills, knowledge, network and professional potential!

Clarisse Kauber and Margot Bonnafous from the Euroinstitut of Strasbourg-Kehl supported two advice cases in the course of the second call for proposals - providing advice in the fields of transports and institutional cooperation. Both of them showed enthusiasm about their experience and highlighted, especially, the fact that meeting the stakeholders on the ground triggered a process of reciprocal learning.

Ms Kauber says: "I really did appreciate my experience as an expert within the framework of b-solutions. Analyzing my case allowed me to compare legal and administrative texts and their interpretations. I could meet or ask some stakeholders suggested by the applicant. My journey in a cross-border locomotive was really impressive and let me look at another way on the case. I think that my support helped the applicant to step back from their daily life experience and discover new possibilities.This was to me alsoan opportunity to focus on what was really a cross-border issue in a range of different problems faced by the applicant. This experience allowed me to deepen my knowledge and my vocabulary in cross-border transport and it also confirmed that obstacles need a long collective process to be solved, as I described in my report"
Her colleague at the Euroinstitut, Ms Bonnafous, adds: "b-solutions allowed me to collect precious information and to deepen my involvement in cross-border cooperation. Exploring the case assigned and the related field was very interesting and instructive, and the cooperation with the applicant gave me interesting insights into the work in another border region".

Once again, direct testimonies proove that b-solutions is not only about resolving border obstacles but also also about mutual learning!


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